Multi monitor setup on Ubuntu Mate



I can’t seem to setup my multi monitor setup correctly.
First problem:
I have added 2 docks (the ones for panels) on 2 screens. I have checked in the dock menu options:
Display [pinned, unpinned, indicators/window list items] apps only from current workspace only
, but windows appear in both docks.

Second problem(bigger one):
Alt+tab is switching between windows from both desktops.
I couldn’t find a way to fix that.

I’m running Ubuntu mate 18.04.


@paupav - as far as the workspace is concerned, two monitors still form a single screen. Thus, as far as the window manager is concerned, all open windows in a single workspace belong in the same screen, and so Alt+Tab considers them all together when switching… I’m not sure if there would be a hack by using a Window Taskbar per monitor and checking some of the taskbar configurations in it, but I would guess not (haven’t tried it though)