Multilingual Discussions Category?

We’re thinking of expanding the Ubuntu MATE Community to have a place for discussions in other languages known as Multilingual Discussions.

While that’s a simple question, we wouldn’t wish to treat our non-English speakers as second class citizens… feeling abandoned or isolated because our community doesn’t have enough native speakers to communicate with them.

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We also ask the question of whether information would go missing or end up duplicated. We’d like to encourage sharing of existing topics so our community isn’t divided by language.

The Plan

  • Languages in high demand will have its own subcategory.
  • Topics are generic.
  • Support, important announcements (translated by community), tips & tricks or international media coverage.
  • Topics that are useful can be pinned, like a translation of a popular guide.
  • If possible, we’d like to encourage replies linking back to English topics that may have further details.
  • Non-English topics must be related to Ubuntu MATE and should not violate the Community Guidelines.
  • English will still be the primary language for main categories.

What do you think?

  • I speak another language and would like a Multilingual Category.
  • I speak another language, but prefer to stick with English.
  • I can only speak English.

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Which languages can you speak?

:information_source: Thanks for voting. Continue voting for the next language here.

  • :flag_fr: Français (French)
  • :flag_de: Deutsch (German)
  • :flag_es: Español (Spanish)
  • :flag_it: Italiano (Italian)
  • Nederlands (Dutch)
  • Suomi (Finnish)
  • Български (Bulgarian)
  • Português (Portuguese)
  • Slovenian
  • :flag_cn: 中文 (Chinese)
  • Other (please share below)

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I like it Luke!, nice one!. :thumbsup:

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I had to use F5 to refresh the browser to add my third language - is that the correct procedure?
(After you click on your first “additional language” the page jumps to show you the result as a percentage, that’s when I pressed F5).

How long are you going to let the poll run?
I think as this is quite important it should be “pinned” to the “top” of the “latest” section of the forum.

Finding out how much real interest is out there is a sound way to continue exploring this proposition. :penguin: :four_leaf_clover:


I did try to enable multiple choices after the poll was created – so maybe that’s why it’s not working. :confused:

Good question. I say we should run it for a week to identify how much demand this gets… otherwise why open a ghost town? :wink:


Actually , as we can see, the names of the app in the MATE environment are in Spanish, e.g. pluma, caja. I strongly recommend that at least the Spanish district should be established.

Meanwhile, Nearly the whole Latin America speaks Spanish except Brazil. We have a very large market there! They will like the “Caja” “Pluma” and so on! I believe!!


Even the name “MATE” is Spanish…

Own up Ricky, you stole it off of the Brits, “mate” in (British) English means “friend/pal/chum/buddy”!. :smiley:


It actually has several meanings including the name of this great distro!:


No....Let's see see the official page of MATE desktop.....


Like the poll, but … no Dutch flag… really!? :wink:


Sadly, we don’t have an emoij for them on Discourse. :frowning:

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Have you tried Mate (the infusion)? Im from Chile and here is a very common drink, its a bit bitter but if you give it time, you will love it!, also some people add sugar in it, but the traditional way is without it. The Yerba mate has caffeine so is very energizing for a long day. What i really like of this beverage is that we drink one Mate (a cup with yerba mate) for all the group of friends, so is a sharing act, one person has to give his drink to other people, even unknown people, i’ve known a lot of people sharing a mate, i think this is an analogy of what open source represent.

a short video about mate:

PD: by the way i can help with Spanish translation


Viva! Hispanoamérica!


I think being the multilanguage community will make more people come to the community. but there may be problems in possible translations,
I read a lot in English but sometimes I need a translator, the translator of Google is not very good but I use it.

for those unfamiliar with Ubuntu and have problems using it, is very well read in the community and learn without the difficulty of the language.

I think if you talk in Spanish at the same time there is an English translation for people from other countries can read it, since English is more important for many reasons.

the titles of problems and general discussions must be in English,

this is my opinion, a greeting to all.

made with google translator


Yes , I agree totally! The reason why I recommend a Spanish district is that the MATE culture is based on the South America and we might be able to deliver our Ubuntu MATE to them and expand our market share. You can imagine, what will Ubuntu MATE be like if the whole LAtin America is using Ubuntu MATE! This is really a extremely large potential market for us! In this way, we can even expand the MATE culture.

Ps the word MATE is really a spanish word!

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Another +1 to Spanish. :flag_es:

There’s a lot of people that don’t speak another language, so it would be nice to have areas where they could talk/get support.

Haven’t tried yerba mate though.


Hi @Josele13,

Google translate is notoriously erroneous and should only be used to get a general idea of the translated matter and NOT THE ACTUAL TRANSLATION as it is full of grammatical mistakes and misinterpretations!. :smiley:

I use German (I’m British) on a daily basis and GT is not fully geared to translate certain phrases and should only be used with caution and used as a general guide!.

My tip, keep the sentences you want to translate very short and only do a bit at a time and it will work quite well!. :smiley:


I confirm that multiple choices are not possible (even with a refresh): when I chose my third language my previous vote was cancelled (it was no more considered in the resulting percentage). :sob:

I really like the initiative!! :slight_smile:


Hi @wizd3m, @lah7, can’t you steal one from here?: