Multimedia is a mess on my device

So far I have the following video players on my device:

Gnome Mplayer
OMXplayer with the front end from the Kweb suite

Gnome Mplayer won’t expand to full screen.
SMplayer stutters in fullscreen. (using mpv or mplayer)
VLC runs slow and stutters when i leave the driver on auto. When I try to use Openax-il, i get stuck with a sqaure screen, and all the controls stop working.

And finally, i have no sound in omxplayer,

Needless to say, its been a frustrating experience.
So far, smplayer is the least aggravating of the four. Would like some suggestions on which program would be the one to tinker with to get smooth video and audio that is synced.

Are you running hardware compositing? e.g. compton or compiz?

How would I find out if I am? I installed Mate with the default settings,

So i discovered that smplayer has a specific driver for pi, called rpi. Video/audio runs fast and synced. Only problem is it immediately goes to full screen, and none of the controls work.

I discovered openelec/Kodi, and the everything works awesome in there. So its not a hardware issue. I suppose I could just view media in Kodi and do everything else in mate, but that see,s like kind of a crappy workaround.

Go to system/preferences/look and feel/mate tweak

Open the “windows” tab and choose Marco with Compton compositor


Ok i switch from marco software to marco-gpu and now video is fine. Only problem now is audio sync is way off. THank you regardless. Still trring to figure our while video and audio are fine and synced in openELEC.

Any thoughts on what driver I should use for smplayer? I switched from ‘rpi’ back to ‘default’

Also, regardless of whether i use vlc or smplayer, once the video starts, i no longer have control over it. And omxplayer still has no audio.