Multiple brightness related issues

I am running Ubuntu Mate 18.04 on my Lenovo T420 laptop. I’m having 2 problems that both seem to be related to brightness control. On boot/reboot, after I login the screen goes completely black and stays like that until I press one of the brightness keys. After changing the brightness, the screen displays normally. Additionally, the brightness indicator that comes up never displays the correct brightness and seems glitched or bugged. Does anyone have any ideas for how to fix these brightness issues? I’d greatly appreciate any advice.

Yeah, I have been having the same issue. Tried running a script at boot by including an entry in crontab as root but no results. Maybe It’s because I don’t know what I was doing. Are you using Nvidia drivers? Have you tried using the free drivers?

Hopefully someone notices this.

Nah I’ve been using the free drivers. I gave the Nvidia ones a shot but they came with their own issues.