Multiple Mate-Terminal tabs open, possible? How?


I need multiple tabs in Mate-Terminal.

Is it possible to open Mate-Terminal with multiple tabs?

It's not fun to do that manually :wink:

When yes, how?

I cannot find something about tabs-settings in "Edit/Profile Preferences".

mate-terminal --window --tab --tab

(this will pop a new window with 2 add'l tabs)

Or maybe change for another terminal app. Like Tilix.

If I remember well, you can press CTRL+SHIFT+T to open a new tab.

If you click on file, you should see new tab with the shortcut on the same line.

I don't use MATE terminal anymore! Hope it helps!

You can set up a full configuration to automatically open with terminator;

You can add child window splits to the default profile :

The only thing its that its not inside mate terminal but as described, inside terminator

Thanks all, but that is what I need :slight_smile:

mate-terminal --window --tab --tab --tab (3 tabs)

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Why not try using screen or byobu. Personally been using screen for decades.

Is there a way to also open the Mate terminal via "Open in Terminal" with for example 3 tabs in Caja?

I cannot set the Caja extension "Open in Terminal". No config is there.

Is there a hack? Maybe via DCONF Editor?

In DCONF: /org/mate/caja-open-terminal

is only the entry: desktop-opens-home-dir :confused:

Caja looks using your preferred app you have set up in Preferred Applications.

running x-terminal-emulator should run your default terminal emulator app

I would give a try to edit the exec-arg value in dconf adding --tab --tab

└──╼ $x-terminal-emulator -v
terminator 1.91

Just found that :

  mate-terminal [OPTION…]

Help Options:
  -h, --help                      Show help options
  --help-all                      Show all help options
  --help-terminal                 Show terminal options
  --help-window-options           Show per-window options
  --help-terminal-options         Show per-terminal options
  --help-gtk                      Show GTK+ Options
  --help-sm-client                Show session management options

Application Options:
  --disable-factory               Do not register with the activation nameserver, do not re-use an active terminal
  --load-config=FILE              Load a terminal configuration file
  --save-config=FILE              Save the terminal configuration to a file
  --display=DISPLAY               X display to use

MATE Terminal Emulator

mate-terminal --save-config=/tmp/test

I saved config with 3 tabs in a file that i was able to load again with :

mate-terminal --load-config=/tmp/test

So now in mate config create a new profile with custom command :

I got to setup the 'test' profile as 'profile used when starting'

Its opening 3 tabs as saved in the config file with caja and when clicking on the terminal app.

Hope it helps,

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Many thanks, great :slight_smile: