Mutiny on Ubuntu MATE 14.04


I was using Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 LTS on my notebook, but since Ubuntu 16 (all flavours) are extremely more heavy than older versions, I was thinking about swithing to older versions Ubuntu like 14.04 LTS and more lightweight flavour, I found MATE desktop. I don’t like the default layout, but I like Mutiny, because I love Unity style.

I found that Mutiny is not available for Ubuntu 14.04, but I don’t want to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04, because let’s say that Ubuntu MATE 14.04 consumes about 260MB-300MB RAM and Ubuntu 16.04 consumes about 500MB RAM (double). I rather hate Ubuntu 16.04, and I don’t want to switch to LXDE desktop, because I don’t like it and there’s not a big performance difference between LXDE and MATE.

Is it possible to get Mutiny on Ubuntu MATE 14.04?

Mutiny is a panel layout for Ubuntu MATE.

CPU: Intel Core [email protected]

Thank you

Since you like the Mutiny (Unity) look and not the weight have you taken a look at the latest flavor to be released?

Budgie is nice, but what is initial RAM usage? I like MATE 14.04 because it consumes only about 300MB :slight_smile: And I watched some review on youtube and some youtubers said that it is buggy.

So is not easier to port/install/apply Mutiny into 14.04?

I had a look and not finding anything Mutiny for 14.04.

You realize MATE14.04 reaches end of life next month.

I don’t care about support, I don’t want to use heavy Ubuntu 16 (I like Ubuntu, but Ubuntu 16 is piece of …), MATE in Ubuntu 16 is consuming 2x more ram than MATE in Ubuntu 14.

Sorry can’t help you further, good luck in your quest and welcome to our forums :wave:

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