My artwork competition!


Calling all artists!

I am holding a competition for the best wallpaper and best meme thatโ€™s related to ubuntu mate and raspberry pi!:yum:

Send in your artwork by:
1st of April for meme
1st of May for wallpapers

4 of you may be winners!

Wallpapers must have the raspberry pi or MATE :ubuntu_mate: symbol, depending on wallpaper
Memes and wallpapers must be hand-made! :raised_hand:
Memes have to make me laugh! :laughing:

Good luck! Winner gets a prize :gift:

Grub in Raspberry pi 3?
FireFox stops working after updates

Hope itโ€™s NOT a Raspberry! :smiley:


Meme competition is almost over, send them in quickly!:confounded:


It took some effortโ€ฆ
And the winner is me! :cake: for me!