My Brother Printer DCP-T510W on 22.04?


It's been a vile.....
And that it has, I`w been surfing along for these years not interrupted by any complications given by my beloved MATE dis. It actually went as far as me forgetting to upgrade. But as you all know it has to be done.
I upgraded to version 22.04.
And started installing all my stuff, everything went OK until I wanted to get my Brother Printer working.....
The Brother printer model is: DCP-T510W and is a InkJet printer.

With my older MATE versions I only had to download the "LINUX-BRPRINTER-INSTALLER-XXXX.GZ" and was then given the option of right-clicking the mouse and opening the packet in the terminal.

I don't get this option in 22.04 and what ever I do in the terminal to get this printer driver installed I only get "No such file or directory"........

Hello SpacePunk

One option might be install the Ubuntu-Mate version with which your printer worked in to a virtual-box virtual-machine, and connect the printer to that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe here:

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A BIG and HART full thank`s to both alpinejohn and mendy for there involvement and helping. :slightly_smiling_face:.

But mendy really scored buy solving the issue the absolute easy`est way.
So I hears the :rosette: :blossom: :sunflower: BIGGEST FLOWER BOUQUET :tulip: :lotus: :white_flower: :rose: I have ever given.