My Chrome has two title bars


I really love Mate, I installed it on my old MacBookPro and on my Asus Laptop
But on both computers Chrome, yes only Chrome, have this behaviour which really annoyed me.

I don't really know how to mention it but
I installed google-chrome-stable from PPA
then it has 2 title bar like this, maximizes or in a windows mode it doesn't matter

  • My theme is Ambiant-MATE
    my font is Ubuntu Regular 11
    than Windows title font: Ubuntu Medium 11
    and Fixed width font: Ubuntu Mono Regular 13
  • My Mate Panel is Familiar
  • I use Marco without a compositor
  • it is on Ubuntu 20.04LTS installed from ubuntu-mate-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso

If someone have any suggestion I'm welling to try it.

Hi :slight_smile:

I would play around here :

In Chrome settings :

turn off client side decorations or CSDs as they are called.

Thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile:

Ironically today, when I came to follow up, the issue disappears, probably due to an update because Thursday night I installed zoom and did my update. Now Google Chrome version is 85.0.4183.102 instead of 85.0.4183.83

@olek I use and already used GTK+, but I thought about did before posting the issue was persistent even if I was using the Classic Mode

@Bernie CSDs ring a bell for me but I can't put the finger on what you mention.

CSD is like how you have tabs in the title bar there should be a way to disable that you can in firefox I didn't even know csd was an option for chrome