My desktop - Not a MAC clone, however

Theme is Mojave-Dark, Icons Papirus-Dark, Top Panel is Pantheon, removed bottom panel, replaced with Plank, by the way, I chose the theme because I like MAC's window controls (but that is about it!), have used a dock forever, (used to use Cairo-Dock - but I like the simplicity of Plank) and I did not want MAC icons so I didn't install them.

So not sure if I have to defend my choices for items in the theming, I am not trying to make my desktop look like a MAC, just what works best for me. To me, nothing replaces a dock. The Time/temperature widget comes with My Weather Indicator, stats are Conky.

Wallpaper (I forgot the name, mine is only 800x600 as I've had this one since my Windows days, which was over 10 years ago now), I believe I got it from Windows Vista wallpaper pack from Deviant art. There are 4 in the pack - all same image, full sizes are available- just delete the 2 with the Windows Vista logo, LOL! Random wallpapers change frequently with the Variety wallpaper changer. HUD is also enabled and tied to the super key, so just 'Super' 'plu' 'Enter' launches pluma for example...

Also there are many (too many) icons on my desktop. My partner is a total newbie with computers and I have a few internet shortcuts on the desktop for him and my my most visited pages. I also use the desktop for current files/objects I am working on, once finished are either deleted or filed away. Purists will notice I am using Gnome Terminal, I also use Nautilus and Gedit, they are just a personal preference as I recently came from regular Ubuntu. I may switch over to the UM versions of these applications.

I love Ubuntu MATE! :green_heart:


I like what you did for your desktop. This is the beauty of Ubuntu Mate.. you can customize your Screen whatever you want.

This is mine with Umbrella Corporation flavour. :+1: :+1:

Your link to the image doesn't work

Can you check it now ...

nice! I like the brisk menu icon

what is Umbrella Corporation flavour?