My experience with Ubuntu Mate and for what I would use it

I am a linux user for 3 years already and I checked many MANY MAAANY distros. But somehow I always managed to stick with fedora, ubuntu-gnome or manjaro, for me they are the best 3 distros… until I installed Ubuntu Mate.

I was amazed how much work was in this distro, no one could compare to it. The main reason for staying with UM was the stability I literally didn’t had 1 problem everything works perfectly. Whenever I would install a distro previously I would have some staff to work on. So I will mention some distros I already checked: Ubuntu, X, L, Gnome, Fedora, OpenSuse, Chakra, Manjaro, Arch, Antergos, Deepin, Solus, Elementary… aaand so on. I always had to fix some issues but with mate everything works.

For what Would I use it?
Would I use UM as my everyday OS? The answer is Yes and No. If I had a low-end pc and if I was not a graphics wh*re I would stick with it (I love flashy gnome 3 :wink:) . I will use it for couple months to get used to it. But I will 100% use it in my business for all the pcs. I think this is the perfect distro for it.

I hope that they will keep working on this project it has some minimal flaws but it is perfect in my opinion


I have to agree with you. MATE just works. For eye candy I like Cinnamon but it's never as responsive even on Linux Mint. GNOME3 is a bit too much for me. I don't like what has become of Xubuntu and Fedora is a bit unstable for my liking.

I'm not into rolling releases, if some software that you rely on breaks and doesn't get updated it becomes up to you to fix it.

It's great in the office, but if your business requires high reliability I would advise to move away from Ubuntu to Debian Stable (Jessie), install MATE there and you can use back-ports to get somewhat newer software.

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Thank you for your reply,

I was searching for some time what distro should I use in my business, but there is always a debate between debian, ubuntu and centos. I think that UM can fit me perfectly since 95% of the work is just libreoffice and a chat client and all I need is not to break at some point. Since reviews about UM are awesome I thought to stick with it. But if you have any suggestions please feel free to share.

Hi logical, welcome to the community, of course you have traveled a lot in Linux, it makes you have more experience, I would use a version support long for business, lasting three years of support. In this case you have the 16:04 LTS, you will have peace and more stability than other versions. regards…