My experience with video/sound after 19.10 upgrade

Not sure if this is correctly placed but here goes...

I just upgraded to this when prompted. Well, they were right when they dubbed this a paper-cut edition. After the upgrade my video started tearing and my sound kept switching to the hdmi port and wouldn't remember when I manually switched it back to my sound card. After about a dozen log-outs and reboots and going through every driver listed a couple times and changing settings which were not wrong before the upgrade I got the video working and to stay working after a reboot. The sound problem of defaulting to the hdmi took longer. The key was to change the hardware profile of the hdmi to off. In my experience the profile settings have been just a fluff setting to "fine tune" settings that were already working. So it was one of the last things I looked at. This was my error for not realizing that the tiny profile pull-down was an epic god-setting that will make or break the whole sound system. It's just that it wasn't broken before the update.

To sum up things I'm holding my breath around my computer, waiting. Scared to see what will happen next with my shiny new OS.

Video Tearing:
Pick a driver, reboot. Still not fixed? Select a Window manager from Mate-Tweak, reboot. Keep doing that until you find that your video isn't tearing. Oh and don't just log out and back in, actually reboot the system.

Sound settings not saved? (Keeps going back to HDMI)
Select the HDMI device in the Hardware tab in Sound Preferences.
Once highlighted change the Profile for the device to "Off".

I hope this helps someone who is not willing to try the random crap I tried to get things working again.

Ubuntu-Mate 19.10 Death by a Thousand Paper-Cuts.
I know that's a bit harsh but this upgrade experience felt like my Redmond, Wa. PTSD was acting up again or maybe is was just my Agita.

To paraphrase Dorothy:

I love Ubuntu! I love it for the OS it wants to be. And I love it for the OS it almost is.

Switching to Evolution is a great idea. I switched it when I got 19.04. Nice to know that occasionally I have an idea that matches up with the great architects of Ubuntu-Mate. Now that I think about it I'm pretty proud of that.

Still breath-holding, but I wouldn't choose anything else at this point. I know enough to use it and I am learning slowly to fix it. Mate is also becoming popular on other distros but I can't bring myself to use an OS named after a stripper.

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For your sound card problem:

Thank you for that! If my disabling of the HDMI Audio doesn't hold I'll definitely look into it. I love this community.

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Not quite the right spot so here it is in its new topic, and welcome! :slight_smile:

It would be good to know what hardware you're using - motherboard, sound, graphics (and graphics driver).