My HD disappeared!

I recently changed to Ubuntu Mate and everything went well until some apparently minor errors were occurring when booting.

One day while watching a video, the screen got frozen and I had to shut it down, but since then I couldn’t reboot it. I tried recovery mode and nothing. I got many errors:

So I boot into a live session with Ubuntu Mate as well and tried to create a partition to save a few documents and reinstall after.
I used GParted and it took so long that I forced close and tried to create it again. This time it was successful but when closing GParted it scanned the partitions and showed messages saying it failed to find the partitions.

After this I couldn’t managed to find any trace of the HD. Not within the terminal, GParted, TestDisk. In the BIOS it is empty and only appears the USB.

Is there anything I can try to fix it or to understand the problem?

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Your hard drive does not exist sounds like a failed hard drive. I had that happen to me once. I was able to buy a hard drive and install it, but this sounds the same. Sorry.

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At the initramfs type: fsck -y /dev/sda

this assumes your disk is /dev/sda, it will do a filesystem check and repair stuff, when complete, type exit and hopefully it will reboot clean.