My 'improved' Mutiny

A slightly modified Mutiny layout. Changed the place of the clock, customized the clock, modified app shortcuts, added the network monitor applet,.

The theme is 1976-dark-0.985, the icons theme is FlatWoken.

Here's the custom clock layout:

<big>%H:%M</big>%n<small>%A %n%e %b %y</small>

To change it:

  • Open dconf-editor.
  • Open org.mate.panel.objects.clock.prefs.
  • Manually change the format key to custom.

Changed it a bit:

New clock layout:

<small>%A %n%e %b %y</small>%n<big>%H:%M</big>

Hi, is there anyway to change the dock size?

You mean the panel size or expand the dock so more icons can fit in it?

For what I have been testing you can change the size of the panel by right-clicking the panel until you get the panel properties option, and then by clicking "Properties" you can change its size.
In this printscreen, for the panel on the left which contains the dock, you get it by clicking somewhere around where my mouse pointer is:

For the top panel there's only one area where you get the option:

About expanding the dock I'm not sure how it could be made, but if you remove all other applets from the panel probably the dock will be expanded (bigger).

I’m talking about the width of the dock that’s in the Mutiny layout…
I’ve checked the dock properties but there’s no such option to decrease the width of the dock to make it smaller, if you used Ubuntu Unity or now Ubuntu 18.04, there’s a “Dock size” option that allows to make the dock smaller or larger altogether…

I believe you can change that with dconf-editor (sudo apt install dconf-editor), I browsed "dock" and it seems that those values can be changed there:

Test it first in a virtual machine so you do not risk messing up your panels and when you figure it out just apply your desired settings.

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Thanks for helping out!:slight_smile:
I have just another concern to discuss with you, if you please. I can see that you’ve applied a different theme. Do the themes work in all the applications? On my machine, I do have some apps that don’t really fully get along completely with my custom themes(downloaded), except the ones that is by-default provided… for example Foxit Reader!:confused:

Oh my friend as I being a guy who likes to customize my desktop, I’ve felt your struggle a lot of times. :frowning:

As an example my favorite theme is BlackMATE and it looks perfect everywhere, right? Wrong, when I use Firefox and use the bar on the left to browse my bookmarks or my history, I get white characters in a white background… :frowning:

It’s difficult to find a theme that first you like of course, and second suits everywhere.
If you enjoy dark themes grab 1976-dark-0.985 at because that one seems to be perfect so far. And it’s beautiful!

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Yeah I faced the same issue with Firefox as you did!:disappointed:
I’ve faced some major issues with Firefox in 18.04, using Chrome now instead!:disappointed:
My favorite theme is the X-Arc themes, but it doesn’t completely work in many places.
And thank you so much for suggesting the theme, it’s beautiful indeed; also I didn’t know that there was a website for MATE similar to gnome-look…:slight_smile:

Basically it’s all only one website,, but I believe they do some sort of a triage according to upload categories so they can make personalized ‘websites’ according to desktop environments.

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Okay so I face this issue quite often: even after placing the associated files of a specific theme in /home/.themes or in the root .themes folder, I still have icons, or window border missing… same is happening in this case!:disappointed:

Any help?

Note that not all themes are complete with window border and/or icons. Some are just one of those.
What you do is that you go to "Control Center" and "Change Theme", choose "Custom" and then click on "Customize":

and there you choose the combination you want of "Controls", "Window Border", "Icons" and Pointer".

Another tip, if you choose an icon theme that is missing some icons, which happens often for applications, note that not all icon themes have icons for everything and all applications. What you do is to edit the theme's index.theme file and place the names of other icons sets you like in front of "Inherits=". In example:


This will tell the computer that if no icon is found for a request in the icon theme, it will move on searching for that icon name in the first icon theme named at "Inherits"; if still none is found there, it will search the next one and so on.

With this you'll no longer have missing icons.


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One other thing, about the top panel, where the indicator applet show all system indicators- I have seen that in all the layouts, when VLC player is opened, there's an indicator there, but the VLC icon doesn't fit the indicator(too big)...

And this is when we use the default themes- Ambiant MATE, or Ambiant-Dark-MATE etc...
Is this a bug or something?

That’s an icon theme issue. I just checked and strangely that happens in almost all (if not all!) default themes! :smile:

In the fallowing that icon is just fine: Awoken, FlatWoken, Breeze, Lila HD and Papirus.

Breeze is on the Ubuntu repo (sudo apt install breeze-icon-theme) or install it from Synaptic Package Manager.

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Skimmed through the thread to see if this solution was offered. Apologies if I missed something or everything altogether :smile:

Does anyone else here resize the mutiny dock by merely reducing the panel size?

Though it can be hard to find a space to right click that gives any panel options as the dock takes up all remaining panel space.

How did you get the transparent dock?

right click below the trash can icon to access the dock options

you right click below the trash can to access the dock settings, depending on layout and I icons it will either show up solid clear but given I am using blue submarine with a slight tweak to the window manager borders it shows up as it is now.

Except wall paper all the tweaks were done with in the stock configuration...