My Interface Layout

The custom gmail dockitem is referencing the *.desktop file in ~/.local/applications/

I'm loving the background, and new plank theme. So MATE-ish. Compton is fabulous. Everything just feels so clean.


Hello nthnrssllnsr, how did you put the window transparent ?, I like the look you have,

Have you installed any theme?


Hello @Josele13
Please take a look at my screenshot. The window shown on the desktop of @nthnrssllnsr is the terminal window (MATE-Terminal).


nthnrssllnsr, I just typed all that username key by key ÂżcĂłmo te quedas? UoUoUo haha

That's just some basic terminal colour settings. Most terminals allow for solid transparent colour of background, and some, like mate-terminal also allow for a background image.

Thanks Tiox, transparent windows I always liked, in Windows 7 looks great, if there is some theme for Ubuntu mate would be great.


If you use the compiz window manager, i believe transparency is an option.

You can’t make the entire window transparent, but select applications have ARGB support.

I know the default Ubuntu and Mint themes still have the old vestiges of GTK2 ARGB from 11.xx; You can follow this guide to enable it.

For transparent window borders, well… dig through some themes and find something awesome.

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Hi tiox, the PPA is not active, can not do the installation, but I have downloaded the many themes MURRINA ....

Thank you....

Should had replied about this ages ago. I know the PPA is no longer active, I failed to mention this but the default themes still have the RGBA elements so certain windows, such as mate-system-monitor is able to show that with the default themes.

I would love to be corrected about what I am going to say next, but I believe for crazy levels of transparency, most setups where the windows appear like a sheet of glass are done on KDE systems.

Hi Tiox, I have managed to have transparencies in my Ubuntu,
In CompizConfig Settings Manager there is an option to do it, you have to edit two sentences and give them the value of 90, I have put it to 89, it is fantastic,

Now it looks MATE much better,


Yeah, that looks good and stuff but at the time I was referring to setups where the text had 100% opacity with a super-transparent backdrop for windows.

I felt sad when I learned that Canonical completely dropped ARGB, it could had been fun to work with that and see what KDE knockoffs for GNOME and MATE people come up with.

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I would like the windows to also get something transparent, but this is better than nothing, is more elegant Mate,