My intro to MATE

For the past 2 months [actually three days shy] MATE has been my go-to OS. I tested is a separate partition on 2 different machines. On my old Dell laptop Ubuntu 14.04 LTS has been replaced by UM 16.04 LTS; on my HP desktop I’m still using UM in a test partition, I plan on replacing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with UM 16 once 16.04.1 is released.

As with any UI change there’s some adjustment pain; since I was accustomed to gnome flashback on 14 the pains were extremely minimal.

Well done TEAM @Wimpy


{Pic removed because although I got it from a clip art package, I don’t want to annoy the Image Mafia. Sorry. :wink: }

Wimpy does do a great job on Ubuntu-MATE. I guess it’s easy when you love your job! :smiley:


Like the pic @SantaFe but aren’t you worried about copyright infringement?. I am sure Popeye would agree with me!. :smiley:

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Yeah, I removed it from my post. Whoops.

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Take a look at the work on “Openclipart”, as far as I know it is all free to use?:

It was off some old Windows Clip art program. Turned out it said they were free for Personal use, but not for public use. Missed that part. Oh Well. Next time I’ll learn to read gooder! :wink:

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