My media center

Sound system + TV + NAS + old unused laptop + Ubuntu MATE 14.04 LTS = perfect media center!


That makes two of us S… :grinning:

I am using an old dell Pentium D running UM 14.04 as a media centre on my TV in my living room


I see Kodi and thus I agree. :smile:

I also see that you are using Faenza and that is great, I will be releasing some of my own icons for Faenza as soon as possible and one of the new icons will be for Kodi. :slight_smile:

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Please submit Faenza icons as a pull request to :slight_smile:

I am actually considering forking Faenza and giving it new life because it is still my favorite icon set.


Well don’t fork it, do the work in mate-icon-theme-faenza, there is nothing MATE specific about that package. Any DE can use it.

Every distro has mate-icon-theme-faenza packaged so your work will proliferate quickly :slight_smile:

Why you do make a good point, I am not interested in forking the mate package I want to fork Faenza entirely and have icons available for all DEs and I don’t want it to “appear” to be DE specific which that package does. I mean I would submit to that one as well but still be separate until the fork can get traction.

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