My plan for the Ubuntu naming scheme


Here’s what I think Canonical should use as names for their future releases. Since picking up GNOME 3 as the DE, they seem to have started over at “A” with “Artful Aardvark.” Since “Cosmic Cuttlefish” is already named, here are my suggestions for going forward :slight_smile::
Dauntless Dormouse
Enigmatic Echidna
Factual Falcon
Galvanizing Giraffe
Hypnotic Hippo
Intrepid Ibex
Jingling Jackrabbit
Knavish Kingfisher
Lanky Lemur
Majestic Mandrake
Nerdy Newt
Oblivious Owl
Palpable Pelican
Quintessential Quark
Rambunctious Raptor
Sage Salmon
Titular Tayra
Ubiquitous Urial
Vehement Vulture
Wandering Wallaby
Xenophobic Xantus
Yawning Yorkshire
Zippy Zorilla

Not the most flattering names, but they’re just as nice as the ones Canonical has used (I mean, Warty Warthog? For your first release?). Maybe someone will find this funny/“useful”.