My Samsung printer will not print PDF's


Is there something I need to enable my Samsung printer (M2835DW) to print PDF’s? When the print button is clicked, the job never goes into the print queue. This happens weather I click the ‘print’ from the menu or I click ‘print’ from the PDF.

To be able to print the PDF, I either have to convert it to a ODT, or take a screenshot of it then print it as a .png. This gets to be a pain.

Any help will be appreciated.

PS Please don’t assume I know know things.



Hallo matetwo

Q1. Is the printer connected via usb or via a network cable?

Q2. Which program are you using to view your pdf’s prior to trying to print them?

Q3. Which version of Ubuntu-Mate are you running?

Answers to the questions will help members of the community to better understand you problem - and that increases the chances that someone might be able to help you. :slight_smile:

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Hi alpinejohn,

USB - Wireless has not been set up.
The PDF I’m trying to print is a copy of a work order on
Sorry… :confounded: I forgot to include 16.04.

Thank You


Hallo matetwo

I’m guessing here…

Can you download a copy of the pdf “work order on” to your hard drive? If you can, try that, and then open the pdf from your hard drive and try to print it.

Q4. Can you print other existing pdf files from your hard drive, e.g. a pdf you’ve generated from a LibreOffice document?

Working hypothesis…
I suspect you are connecting to a “web-service” that does not support generating a pdf when a linux client connects to it. Such things do exist (who programs websites like that, it’s a good bet that the website was built using proprietary tools without thought being given to true interoperability).

Let us know how you get on. :slight_smile:

Hi alpinejohn,

Yes I can print other PDF’s, it’s just the ones from Etsy.

I downloaded a copy of the work order to my desktop and then clicked on print. The PDF made it to the Samsung print queue, and “thar she stayed” (pending). The only thing I could do was remove it (cancel), the print job that is.

I think your “Working hypothesis…” is the correct answer.

Thank You for your time in this matter.


Hallo matetwo

Alright then…

You might want to try this work-around:
Open the “Etsy” pdf and print it… to a new pdf. Try printing the “new” pdf.

If all else fails and you really must find a way of doing this:

Try accessing the “Etsy”-Website with another browser.

Consider on of the two Linux-compatible professional-grade propriatary PDF programmes:
(i) Master PDF Editor

PDF Studio

There’s no guarantee that they will give better results, but if you’re struggeling to make this work it may be worth the experiment and cost.

Once again, please let us know if you decide to try out anything else - it all helps to add small stones onto the mountain of collective Linux-user knowledge. :slight_smile: