My screen blacks out frequently at random, but comes back

Since updating to Ubuntu 24.04, my screen has been blacking out every few minutes - or seconds - while I'm working. Any motion brings it back. I turned off and uninstalled my screen saver, but it still happens. I'm something of a novice, but with hints, the IT dept. here might could help me - though they profess no knowledge of Linux, etc.

I can always bring it back and keep working, but it is a nuisance and a pain!

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Welcome @Kay_Jones to the community!

Hi Kay, welcome :slight_smile:

Well, what is it ? Minutes or seconds ? :slight_smile:

if it is seconds, it is probably the "dim display when idle" setting in the powermanager:

It is probably turning off the backlight when brightness is set to minimum.

if it is minutes then it is probably the energy save feature on your display which can be disabled like this