My snapd free 23.04

Hi, first i downloaded the snap- infected version from with torrent.
Then i did unsquashfs the filesystem.squashfs.
After chrroting inside it i did
sudo apt autoremove --purge snapd
sudo rm -rf /var/cache/snapd/

then i did add tghe firefox -prefences.d no snap file and added the mint no snapd apt patched file.
After that i did apt-get update , closed the sqaushfs an did regenerate the filesystem.size file.
Last but npt least used isomaster to add the modded file. The iso size shrunk dramatically abou 1 GB.

after applying some themes:

Note that cups and pulseaudio need still to be recompiled to prevent snap from entering the system.
Its blazingly fast and runs well even with themes from ubutnu 22.04.


It's curious... what themes are you using?

I would like some more information on this. Are you now then having to recompile each update for these as they come along?

Im using a Luna theme.

Yes , or i let it happen, but wont install snapd. As i have now 48 gb of ram it is not so critical anymore. But on or below 16 gb i really did even recompile this things. Yes im paranoid aboit snaps. Best thing is to remove snapd before installarion even. Because if spad is not installed on first "boot" it does less likely affecz system performance.

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I think perhaps you misunderstand.

I am interested in making something like this for my own use and am trying to decipher what the pain points might be. Are you obligated to recompile all the time? After each update?

Is it possible to instead have a PPA just do it for you, or do you have to know what you're doing to make that work?

These are the kinds of things I am thinking about when I ask for more information and about recompiling.

you would need first to create a snapdfree ubuntu image. To archieve this you need to use a remaster tool like cubic ppa or something similar. It is important to remove snapd first. Once you got rid of it.

Everything that depends on libsnapd-glib1might be recompiled later.

However the main problem os to remove snapd. And i would do that on an image file with cubic.
Cubic gets you a chroot environent from am ubuntu iso image. Inside the image you purge snapd. And remove the main snap folder.

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You could "lock" the installed version so that apt doesnt update it.

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Why don't you install Debian 12 with Mate and save all the hassle? Not hating, but it seems as if you see snap as a virus.

Snap is not a virus, it is just another package manager. Saves a ton of work of developers with packaging for every distro. I use many snaps and don't feel I am using a virus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is this (finally) using the same version of Mate as Ubuntu-Mate? I know it was mentioned that Martin Wimpress was working on that to bring it to a parity. Has that finally been accomplished now and stuff like Mate-Tweak works and has the profiles that ours does?