My snapd free 23.04

Hi, first i downloaded the snap- infected version from with torrent.
Then i did unsquashfs the filesystem.squashfs.
After chrroting inside it i did
sudo apt autoremove --purge snapd
sudo rm -rf /var/cache/snapd/

then i did add tghe firefox -prefences.d no snap file and added the mint no snapd apt patched file.
After that i did apt-get update , closed the sqaushfs an did regenerate the filesystem.size file.
Last but npt least used isomaster to add the modded file. The iso size shrunk dramatically abou 1 GB.

after applying some themes:

Note that cups and pulseaudio need still to be recompiled to prevent snap from entering the system.
Its blazingly fast and runs well even with themes from ubutnu 22.04.

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It's curious... what themes are you using?