My Ubuntu Setup (Global Menu Bar)

So this is my setup
I use the Gnome main menu applet , Numix icon theme , Indicators applet , TopMenu applet , Ambiant-Mate theme , spidey window decoration and gtk-theme-changer .


Love it, I wonder how well this would work with the OSX MATE Theme. Along with Docky it might be possible to get a very similar look of OS X on my PPC computers :smiley:

Something like this but i did not get the Slingscold launcher and indicator synapse to work .
See this guide
to install the things and themes maybe it will work for you .
If Slingscold launcher and indicator synapse work for you pls reply


Thanks for the screentshot :smiley: that is exactly what I was going for. Will have to put some time into it tomorrow as I do not have enough time before work today.

Using the TopMenu applet and Plank dock with the OSX-MATE theme -


Love it! Now to change the highlighting to blue and you’re on the money

Could you make it work with LibreOffice?

Well if someone makes a plugin for it should be possible . Maybe the problem is the method XEMbeded used for exporting the menubars . See for information on the Design and Protocol used for making the applet .

Well, In the past 2012, people talk about lo-menubar:

And I today I use cinnamon just because there is a applet that integrates LibreOffice in the menu:

But Cinnamon is a heavy, I prefer use MATE. However I have small screens so I use global menu with maximus.

I ignore how to design, but I think that it could be possible…

thanks again!