MYSQL - Need suggestions to get started using

I just loaded MYSQL Server Version 5.7.12 and would like some suggestions on how to get started using it to build a database. Never used MYSQL but have used Microsoft Access and Libre Office Base a little.

You can study and enter SQL commands in a terminal to set up databases, or the easier method would be to use a graphical tool like LibreOffice Base.

LibreOffice Base can connect to MySQL databases by installing the libreoffice-mysql-connector package (most likely already installed). When you create a new database, you’ll have the option to connect to your database to create tables, edit data, similar to a local database file.

If MySQL is installed locally, then localhost is your server address.

Stanford has a MOOC on the subject of databases.
I think it’s like one of the three oldest MOOC ever.

See also: :thumbsup:

Working on mysql, created database name, created a table using mysql. I am now trying to connect to it using libra office base but need jdbc driver installed to connect to mysql. Could use some help here.

When you specify "Connect to an existing database", for the second step, choose Connect directly instead of the JDBC or ODBC options.

From there you can enter your server details to work with the database in LibreOffice:

My database wizard does not have an option of “Connect directly”?

Double check that some MySQL packages are definitely installed via a package manager, or even quicker by terminal:

sudo apt install libreoffice-base-drivers libreoffice-mysql-connector mysql-client

You will need to close and re-open LibreOffice if anything installs.

I also just discovered another tool for designing the tables is MySQL Workbench, available from the Software Boutique under the Programming category.

I installed the apt you suggested and all is good. I was able to access the database I created with MYSQL. Thanks, you have been a great help.