Mysterious screen problem

Help me define and solve this problem, please ?!?
Please be patient with me on this as I'm uncertain how to define or describe this situation the best way.

I help a distant, elderly friend with his tech stuff & recently upgraded his PC to Ubuntu Mate 18.04 .1
He has a 21.5" Samsung monitor (model BX2231) connected to an ATI video card using the Radeon driver.
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The problem:
When using a browser or other apps in maximized mode, whatever is on the right goes off the screen a bit.
This can be alleviated by using things in the non-maximized mode - but he likes things big so that he can see them well enough.

Trying all the available resolutions around what the monitor's 'native' res is said to be (1920x1080 @ 60 Hz) didn't seem to help, and the one which works best in terms of keeping the most on the screen has an aspect ratio which makes things look 'squatty' in his opinion.

The monitor itself has very little in the way of useful controls as they all seem to orient around auto configuration.

In my searching I've run across mentions of 'screen scaling', but that doesn't seem to be the correct topic here - searching on the screen model brought mostly commercial sites, and of course resolution has a bazillion unrelated results.

I hope there is a simple solution for this !!!

Thanks for any helpful replies and direction in this matter.

The Samsung BX2231 native resolution is 1920 x 1080

To see your monitor selections enter "xrandr" in a terminal session.

Do you have the operating manual? If not look here:

You need to adjust the overscan (or whatever Samsung calls it). It may be AV mode or wide/cinema. You will need to turn those settings off.


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Thank You Very Much Dave_Barnes.
I corrected the OP earlier as I'd copied that info from the wrong spot in the manual.

I have used xrandr via arandr - and will try to find those settings in the monitor controls as soon as I can get there.
Unfortunately that sort of stuff cannot be done via remote access & the old guy is very poor when it comes to hearing instructions clearly, so I really have to go & visit him to do this.

I upgraded my system with a new graphics card and a 55 inch tv to use as a monitor. Things to do to fight old age:) ... And my dad is 90 and installs/upgrades his own Ubuntu MATE system.



I agree 100% - when it comes to screen visibility, me olde eyes like BIGGER, alot.

The old friend I'm helping is also around 90 like your dad - but when it comes to anything tech oriented, if he tries to mess with it above his user level, a tech emergency will very soon be in progress, and:
The more he tries to 'fix it' - the worse it'll get, so do my part to help him.