Name of user or computer in the toolbar

Hello world, i have some RaspberryPi 2 and 3 and some times, i have the problem of know which is every one.
I see in Ubunut can access to account and ad the name of the user or computer to de tool bar.
Please, it is possible to put the name in the toolbar anyway?
it wolud be very helpfulll to identify at first sight my RPis
thanks in advanced.

Right-click the panel and select "Add to Panel"
Select the Command applet and click the Add.
Right click the new applet on the panel and select Preferences.
The command you want the applet to execute execute is whoami.

You now have your username on the panel and can move it around to a better location on said panel.


As @marfig said.
If you want the name of the computer too repeat the procedure and use the command “hostname” instead of “whoami”. :]

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thanks very much¡¡¡
and please, for the name of the computer?

oooppppss sorry i see it now :slight_smile:thanks very very much.