Nautilus not visible in preferred applications

Hi! I’ve been thinking about moving away from windows for many years and finally took the chance when I built a new computer :slight_smile:

I like Caja but can’t find a solution for the mouse back and forward-button problem… So I tried to move to nautilus. It works when I launch it from the terminal but it is not visible when I want to change the preferred applications->system->file manager ?? I only have Caja, file, file and they all point to Caja.

Any tips on how to solve this? (Or the mouse button problem if that is possible).
I’m on 16.04 LTS.

Hi @klingan, I think this is what you want to make Nautilus your preferred file manager:

System -> Preferences -> Personal -> Preferred Applications

It’s in the System tab.

EDIT: OK… I see what you mean because I just tried installing Nautilus in a virtual machine to see how it looks. It’s quite broken in many ways and best I can tell there’s no configuration path for it, either. Perhaps someone can enlighten us both on this - is some more of Gnome needed? Is Nautilus incompatible?

Can you elaborate a bit on exactly what you mean by “the mouse back and forward-button problem”?

Like I said, I can't choose it in the list (See picture). I might try some other file manager. It's not that I hate Caja (default in Ubuntu Mate) but because of this problem with the mouse buttons. This link explains the bug LINK.

EDIT: I just realized it accually does change the default file manger (even though the all entrys are just named "files") but the Home folder on the desktop is not affected by the change. Only if I open folders from "places" menu. I will keep looking and trying, but that solved a big part of the problem.

Well no doubt about it, Nautilus doesn’t integrate well. But I did discover all the settings are in dconf but never did find any way to bring up a Nautilus “Preferences” of any kind.

That Home folder is virtual, not really in the desktop, which is probably why the difference. A real folder in ~/Desktop should also open with Nautilus I would guess.