Need advise with CIFS, and SNAP on 22.10

The Firefox and Slack snap packages can not read or write cifs mounted files. The Sublime snap package can read/write files to cifs shares as well as Caja on the desktop. This was working with 18.04, but not with 22.10.

  • FireFox, Slack, and Sublime do not present a "Permissions" button in the software center
  • from the command line, Firefox has all permissions, including portable devices.

Per this article, I changed my CIFS mount from /home/erik/map/folder to /mnt/folder and moved my credentials from /home/erik/.credentials to /etc/cifs_creds. Once I rebooted, I was able to open files from CIFS in FireFox and Slack. The share was no longer listed in Caja in the devices section.

I can only assume the permission system in the snap daemon no longer recognizes user level cifs mount settings. Is there a way to work around this or is this the only way to mount shares going forward?


Ubuntu Mate 22.10 (as all Ubuntu 22.10 and flavors) is EOL.

Refer Ubuntu MATE 22.10 (Kinetic Kudu) reaches End of Life

Are you sure you've not installed a supported release, such as Ubuntu MATE 23.10?

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