Need Help Downloading GIMPshop (not regular GIMP) and Installing in U-MATE

Hello all,

I have a family member who has had no success finding a manageable way get GIMPshop (not regular GIMP) to download and install in any Ubuntu distro.

She has switched to U-MATE and wants to give it another go. Does anyone have personal experience in this arena?

Thanks! :sweat_smile:

To confirm, I’ve just tried to download and install and am having significant difficulties in installing. If I figure out a fix, I will let you know.

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I’ve never heard of GIMPshop, but I checked it out, and would immediately suggest you inform your family member to consider getting familiar with GIMP instead. GIMPshop is very outdated and may be unreliable as a result:

  • Last updated for Linux in May 2006 :open_mouth: (according to files inside archive).
  • Project is on hold or abandoned.
  • Based on GIMP 2.2.11, the latest for Ubuntu currently is 2.8.14.

The whole project looks very shady, might not even be the actual project website. Also odd is that the latest Linux archive from their SourceForge is full of binary files, all of them… like they are for the Mac OS X. :expressionless:

As a suggestion, you may have more luck making GIMP look and behave more like Photoshop, or as a last resort, use the Windows executable in Wine.

If you can install a much older version of GIMP (2.2.11), then this fork should also work too, providing you can find the source. You’ll more then likely need to compile it.

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@stevecook172001 & @lah7, thanks for this attention to the quest; there has been conflicting info out there, saying that GIMPshop has (or will soon have) something new and exiting for Ubuntu folks who feel they need it :dizzy_face:.

There is a huge aggregate of windows users, who had it there, as well as Photoshop users who wish to switch to its elusive magic clone, GIMPshop.

This all reminds me of trying to pin-down the Loch Ness Monster :astonished:

Thanks Guys; and if any one else can add to this I will keep on it!

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Nice link wolfman, I find Pixeluvo very interesting.

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Thanks a million, @wolfman, I will forward this link to our poor U-MATE Photoshop refugee, at once! :smile: