Need Help With .tar.gz Printer Driver

Hello, My Samsung Printer M2835DW/ZAA works fine with the xorg? drivers. The ones that Ubuntu installs when the printer is added. All is wonderful and works till there is a power outage. It’s only for a split second, and then the power is restored. The Printers little blue light comes on but, anything I try to print after the power fails, gets stuck in the Printer Queue. Also none of the buttons work on top of the Printer. I have the M2835DW set up using the USB only.

I go to Printer properties, and I can’t release it to be printed. I have to delete the print job. To get the Printer to work, I have to delete the M2835DW icon, and unplug the printer power…wait…plug it back in then wait for the M2835DW to be found, and it then works.

I was thinking that if I used the Samsung Unified Drivers that it would just work with less issues.

The Samsung Printer M2835DW/XAA has Linux Support. That"s why I bought it. I just don’t want to mess things up trying to install the drivers using the tar ball.

Thank You

I also use a Samsung printer with their Linux drivers, and the installation is actually rather easy.
First unpack the ULD tar.gz file, then run the enclosed ./ script (with sudo).
Afterwards you can configure the printer in MATE Control Center => Printers.

I used to have issues with a missing file on older versions of the driver - I think this should no longer happen, but in case it does and printing a test page should fail, then check the following:
ls /usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertosplc

If that file is not found, then the following should fix it:
cd /usr/lib/cups/filter
sudo ln -s rastertospl rastertosplc

Hello maxiumscore,

Here is what I get when trying to use the terminal:

materalph@materalph-System-Product-Name:~$ sudo./ script
bash: sudo./ No such file or directory

I unpacked the tar ball on my desktop and then opened ULD file. I need more help…Please


Hey, you would need to include a space between ‘sudo’ and the file, as well as removing the ‘script’ at the end.

You should also make sure you are inside the same directory that the file ‘’ is in. Do this by navigating to said folder, right clicking inside the window and selecting ‘open in terminal’, or alternatively opening a terminal and typing cd /path/to/directory/with/

When you are in the correct directory, type into the terminal: sudo ./

Hello James, Thank You. In the Terminal it said that the drivers were installed, but when I print a self test page, the print out says "If you can read this you are using the wrong driver for your printer". Do I have to reboot the computer?