Need Support Area?

Perhaps a “Support” or “Help Me!” area would be nice? It seems like genuine support requests could quickly get mixed in with misc topics in General Discussion. Just a thought.

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I could see the use for that as well. However I will leave it to @wimpy (tagging isnt working on chrome beta for android anymore) to decide on that.

Support and help requests should go in the general discussion, but bug should get filed in Launchpad :slight_smile:

Overall I like the organization and have one suggestion about development. Perhaps segment into 2 catagories:

  1. current
  2. past

@mlsmith I agree that a separate “Support” area would be fantastic. Not that there isn’t any support but I feel that the general discussion section is already very broad and about much more than just help requests. With a separate “Support/Help Request” section the site would be even more user-friendly and intuitive to newcomers. What do you think? @Wimpy


I’m thinking we could consider distinguishing the two categories a bit better:

  • Thoughts & Feedback - much like the general discussion’s original purpose - and for general questions about the distro.
  • Support & Help Requests - Like you say @maro, a intuitive place for newcomers. :thumbsup:
    • Followed by the sub-categories:
      • Hardware
      • PowerPC
      • Raspberry Pi 2 & 3
      • (Just by looking at the topic lists, most of these are support threads)

@Wimpy gave me the thumbs up. :thumbsup: Categories have been updated. :slight_smile:


Brilliant idea! How about adding another sub-category ‘software’ to the existing three for help with installing software that cannot be included in the Software Boutique?

Sorry, we’re trying to avoid fragmenting categories and subcategories, neither me or @Wimpy see the need for a “software” one, but thanks for the suggestion.

Any help and support for software applications should go in the parent. The subcategories are specialized for different hardware environments, since software can behave differently under different architectures.

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