Need to downgrade apache

I have installed apache which uses PHP 8. I want to be able to run a local copy of a Wordpress site which has a legacy theme incompatible with PHP 8. It will run fine with PHP 7.4. So I'd like to downgrade and run an apache with PHP 7.
I might be able to figure out how by myself but I'm sure there are experts here who could save me a lot of time by telling me the necessary steps. All help gratefully received

You do realise that you are asking a server question on a desktop forum, right ? :wink:


You could have saved yourself even more time by googling it instead of writing a post :grin:

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Apologies re the category. I had not thought of this as a server issue although what I was trying to do was to make my laptop a server for my local copies of legacy Wordpress sites.

I'm not sure what query would have led me to the instructions you kindly pointed me at, which seem to have worked fine, but I think I may have been put off such attempts by a fortnight's wrangling with my Android smartphone plagued by advice on the net which simply failed because it was related to other versions or implementations than the ones I had.

This topic can now be regarded as closed

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Nah, we don't mind. It's not "prohibited" or something :smile:

You are very welcome to ask anything.
It's just that the chances on a valid answer about a PHP question are much bigger on a serverforum like
or at least on a forum with a bigger userbase like

Ubuntu-MATE is in comparison a rather small community centered around the MATE-desktop, so there are not many Apache or PHP experts around.

This is the query I used in DuckDuckGo:

PHP7 Ubuntu 22.04 LTS jammy