Nemo- advice needed

Someone said Nemo is better than thunar.

Anyone use it ?

Is it compatible with UM?


It all depends on the user- some users might find Nemo with functionalities that they don’t get out of Caja.

Back when I started using Linux in 2016, I started with Linux Mint. So yes I used Nemo there, but here on UM Caja seems to work fine for me…

If you’re set on giving it a try, look through this thread here.

But since Caja is an integral part of MATE, you shouldn’t expect to get everything out of it; some settings can’t be altered…

Good luck!:slight_smile:


I agree with Apollonius, it is purely a matter of taste which one you choose. I installed Thunar and Nemo for testing but I did not really noticed many differences. I am absolutely confident with Caja expect one issue. When I want to move a file to another directory through multiple directories it is not user-friendly because when you hover the file over a folder you want to go through also after few seconds Caja does not switch in the directory and shows its content like the destination folder.

Mickey :relaxed:

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Thanks for the feedback.

I will stick with Thunar as my main FM.

I used Xubuntu for a couple years, and it has Thunar as its file manager. I like Caja a lot better because it remembers per-directory sort and view settings. Thunar doesn’t (or at least didn’t as of Xubuntu 16.04).

I just checked.

Thunar remembered my sorts.

One reason I do not like Caja, is that you can’t copy the address of the directory you are in like Thunar can.

Thunar is under constant revisions.

How to copy the folder currently open in Caja:

  • open Caja
  • click on the pencil icon
  • select the content of the Location field
  • right-click on selected text and select Copy from the context menu

Quite simple, I would say.

Edit: And by the way, Caja remembers my sorting options for ALL the folders.

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You can also just press “/” while Caja is active to get the text-based location bar.

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Learned another new thing.

I don’t have anything against Caja.

It’s that I have spent so much time learning Thunar, that I don’t want to have to learn another file manager.

Unless Caja has some great features that Thunar does not. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t. That advice was written before massive changes in Nemo made it more difficult to integrate into a more traditional GTK2-like environment.


Tabbed directory browsing? Split directory viewing? The possibility of including a terminal inside of Caja rather than using a separate terminal emulator?

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Boy, its a pretty involved procedure to install properly.