New Caja Features that could boost usage

A very very usefull thing that Caja Browser could offer
could be
a separate preview window of files (pictures , pdf odt doc included!!)
the ability to create new /rename folder while saving-downloading a file (rom the popup window)
the preview could include other file formats like KML and SHP (google and esri qgis files)
last but not least caja could incorporate features from projects like to organise files/folders (adding tags geotags etc) and relating folders with geo meta data

I like using Thunar because it has custom actions that do so much.

Hi @Geodynamic_YPEKA,

you can create a new folder when saving a file. You have a dedicated button there.

Caja "icon view" mode shows thumbnails for certain file types, images and PDFs included.

What is "a separate preview window of files" you are looking for? If you need a file opened in a separate window, you may directly use the software associated with that file type.

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