New install questions

Hello friends, I have a fresh install of Ubuntu Mate 16.04, and I have some questions. I noticed that when I go to places/computer and click on disk properties, it says "unknown," anyone know why? Also, I can't find my city and state in the admin/time and date settings, no Houston or Dallas? The central time zones seem to be quite lacking.

The other thing is when I click on properties for the “File System” it’s saying volume unknown and location computer:/// is that correct? It also seem to be uploading contents every time I open it?

Hi @kreasonos,

for the location settings, right click the date in the top panel > Preferences > Locations > Add and add your location:

As far as File System > Properties goes, it will scan the disk each time you open it to gather information about the drive!, your pic has more info than mine?, there are several bugs in Ubuntu 16.04 so try updating again to see if that fixes any problems!:

See also:

Hi ! Did you try to mount the disk first and look at the properties afterwards? For me that makes the difference. N

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I’d avoid computer:// in Caja. I hope the Caja developers would improve this page one day.

Some drives show details, but the one where the OS is installed shows unknown and even “File System” doesn’t have a pie chart. :frowning:

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m seeing too.

It doesn’t mean the disk isn’t mounted right? I ran “mount” in terminal and it shows the disk and normal partitions are all mounted. So I think it’s just something in the disk image.

It isn't just Caja. Nemo is the same.

And I bet nautilus is also the same.

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Caja is responding differently depending how the information is requested ... I confirmed the behavior listed above, but when I chose a bookmark of a NAS the correct information was displayed.
Compter was the top level

Right click on buffalo on kincaidpeters produced

Try this guys:

Manually install the “Codec” of your SSDs File System, which is probably exFAT
Typing “sudo apt-get install exfat-fuse exfat-utils” in Terminal and rebooting