New installation 16.04.4 doesn't start desktop - graphics problem

New installation 16.04.4 doesn't start desktop - graphics problem.
failsaveX can't start too
Same problem with Ubuntu-Mate 7.10.1
This happens on my 32bit netbook asus-eepc. 16.04.3 works well.

Hi @YDemidenko,

if you can get into recovery mode, run updates using “dpkg” (network cable connection required) and get back to us:

Ubuntu Mate Update Guide :smiley:

I think you mean apt-get update/upgrade, but I can’t setup WIFI WPA connection. Ethernet - /etc/network/interfaces read-only file system

I’ll try to reinstall with connected network - updates, but I think this is new display manager/ x settings. Half year ago Linux desctops both Redhat and Debian line starts brings had-ache

The last updated 16.04.4 and 17.10.1 has this problem, terminals ctrl alt F1…2 have the same mash instead of letters . Have anyone seen this mash elsewhere? Usually graphics problems end with black screen.

Hi @YDemidenko,

what graphics card do you have?, maybe if we know that; we can help you further, I still maintain that you should run “dpkg” and don’t worry about the message: [quote=“YDemidenko, post:3, topic:16259”]
Ethernet - /etc/network/interfaces read-only file system

Just keep pressing Enter as long as you have a LAN cable connected you should be good to go!. :smiley:

Maybe anyone can tell me which configuration files (DM, X) should I look, they changed quickly from one release to another.

Ethernet - /etc/network/interfaces read-only file system - have you heard about liveCD?
lspci - Intel Corp Mobile 945GSE Express Integrated Graphics Controller

I only know trick to get X alive after DM config files changed: dconf reset -f /

What about Live CD?, what is your point here?. You stated that the system is installed so Live CD is not relevant!, plug a network cable in and boot into recovery mode and update!. :thumbsup:

recovery mode with “ro” (but why!!!) is useless, other “but why” made this problem.
1-3years ago there was no problems with desktops.
only compile from source (with filtering new features) resolve such problems and eventually prevent waste time in future.
To wolfman:
all packages are already updated.

Looking at your picture again, I notice it is from stock Ubuntu, at the login screen, click on the little cogwheel icon and select xorg as default desktop!. :smiley:

to wolfman:
A lot of thanks for your priceless advices, but when I click on the cogwheel icon then it makes sound “Piiiiiii”, then I can do nothing. I’m so sad. There is no glimpse of hope.:sleepy:

Hi @YDemidenko,

there is always hope!. :smiley:

You can start from downloading the latest current version of Ubuntu Mate (17.10), that way you can upgrade the system in a few weeks when 18.04 is ready!.

Stock Ubuntu is using Wayland if you are trying to use 17.10 which you don’t want!. It is being dropped in 18.04!.
Ubuntu Mate uses “xorg” so you shouldn’t have a problem there!. :smiley:

I advise you to read through the beginners guide which might help you further!:

Let us know if it helps. :smiley: