New Member Here - Hello! A little self-introduction

Good morning everyone from here in Ontario, Canada

I have been a Linux user for 25 years but don't let that fool you, I've also been a musician for 40 and still struggle with both :))

I started off using Linux in the summer of 1997 at Ryerson University in Toronto where I worked in the Purchasing and Procurement office in Financial Services.

An I.T. pro at the University had Launched a Linux User's group and distributed Red Had 5.1 on CD to any staff or students interested. I was interested and that's when I started to use Linux. 25 years later I've gone Debian for the most part; RPM seems like a foreign language to me, as do many of the new advances in technology. Kubernetes, jQuery, etc. etc. It's all technospeak to me.

I don't have much technical education in computers, pretty much self-taught since I got my first Commodore Vic-20 in 1983, so I've also self-taught myself a lot of bad habits as well as the good things I've learned.

I enjoy Linux and FOSS software. I believe strongly in recycling and repurposing old tech so it doesn't end up in the landfill or recycling centre.

So, without much further ado, it's nice to be here, and thanks to Wimpy and all you developers for creating this wonderful distro! I really love it so far, it does all I could ask of it and more. Hooray! I'm excited to be here... Thanks everyone!