New SpiralLinux

After reading a good report, today I DL SppiralLinux (Mate):

I haven't installed yet, just running it "Live" for now; seems ok.

I never heard of it, but I guess it's been around a while under a different name.

Anybody have any experience or opinions on SpiralLinux?

Thanks for any replies!

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Hi there,

I'm the creator/maintainer of SpiralLinux and GeckoLinux. Thanks for mentioning it! So, SpiralLinux is quite new, but I've been maintaining GeckoLinux since 2016. I started SpiralLinux because SUSE and openSUSE have announced some major changes that will eventually affect the GeckoLinux Static branch a few years from now, so SpiralLinux would fill the void in the event that openSUSE Leap ceases to exist or turns into a completely different sort of product.

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Thank you for your response. SpiralLinux looks great!

I haven't installed it yet. That's why I was hoping to hear from other users.

You are the only response so far. Maybe I'll install in my laptop and see what happens.

I have installed it on one of my testing units. It loaded and installed without a single problem. Haven't spent much time with it but, I like what I've seen already. I think it might be an OS that can be used as a backup for Ubuntu Mate.

Thanks DRC, So far I like it on the laptop...

sb56637: First thing I have to say is SpiralLinux (SL) is great, and definitely seems faster than Ubuntu Mate, which I have used for years. I've been running SLon a 4GB laptop and I am pleasantly surprised how well it runs.

I installed all my favs and I can say I like it better than UbuntuMate and am thinking of installing on my Desktop PC.

Only one minor issue: I am one of those crazy people who want an uncluttered desktop (just a cool nature scene, no words). In UbuntuMate there is an app that hides things that land on the screen. It's called "show desktop icons" under a command named "Mate Tweak" and it sets on my top panel (see photo). I need this because if i don't have Thunderbird (mailer) on the desktop it won't stay down at the bottom tray with all my other always used apps, and I don't want to see it.

How do I accomplish this using using SpiralLinux? (Is it even possible?)
Thank you!


DRC, I'm pretty close to becoming a "SpiralLinux" far I'm liking it better than Ubu_Mate. Have you tried it yet?

I am very surprised that there weren't any comments at all except for 2.

If other people here are like me, once satisfied and happy with UM, they stopped looking anywhere else. There are 2 types of people, I guess. Those looking for the next new flavor. Those looking for something robust and efficient.
For sure there are other good linux/ubuntu flavors and versions.
But when you just need a good reliable working machine, most of times you don't have the time to look anywhere else.
Also some people here may not be at ease with the fact that you seem to promote an alt to UM on the UM forum... just saying. Even though most people are open to know what is 'out there'.



Well stated. I agree with Watford,

I didn't realize that. It won't happen again. This topic is closed.