New system sounds for Ubuntu MATE?

Wwaaaayyyy back in 2009 I created two sets of system sounds purposed for Ubuntu. I’m kind of sad that they never went to any good use. Could the MATE project use them?
Let me know if you would consider it, if it isn’t possible, or if you simple don’t like them :smiley:
If these should be considered included in the default MATE desktop image, how should I talk to?

Best regards
Mads Rosendahl


These are nice! Especially the TS-404 theme.:slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing, and welcome! I believe @Wimpy at one point stated his interest in reviving some more interesting sound themes, but it’s pretty much something on the backburner for now. :fire:

I’d quite like a first boot animation and that too would want some accompanying music. :musical_note:

If you or any one has any other sound schemes, please share!

My Thoughts

What I like about Ubuntu’s sound scheme currently (while dated now) is its roots for African, like the drums and bops when clicking buttons. I’m not sure what style best suits Ubuntu MATE?

I had a listen, and the sounds remind me of a mix between Windows XP and Windows 10 for some reason. I kind of like them, but I feel there’s too much reverb for “Rhondes” and “TS-404” sounds 3-6 aren’t well liked by my ears. :frowning:

I guess sound schemes might be a tricky one to appeal to everyone…? :confused:

Not ready yet?

The sounds are generically labelled so I’m not 100% sure which sound is designed for which event.

To seriously consider them, I suggest renaming/converting sound1.wav, sound2.wav, etc to follow bell.ogg, button-pressed.ogg, etc as seen in /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback!

I think it’s a great idea to have Ubuntu MATE specific system sounds as these would further complement the Ubuntu MATE branding. Priority-wise, I don’t think they are as important (not any less important) as polishing the current system themes though. Why? There is a great film by the Japanese director Kaneto Shindo called The Naked Island. This film is a prime example of blending sight and sound. In the case of this film, the composer was invited to compose a score after the film, the visual experience, was completed. I think this is a reasonable way to go for Ubuntu MATE.

I like your system sounds but the most difficult (aside from composing them) is to decide what type of feeling blends in best with the overall Ubuntu MATE experience (ask yourself what kind of associations you have when starting up a fresh installation of Ubuntu MATE?). Concerning system sounds, I prefer sounds that have a slight “sci-fi or space” feel. In my view, this would also blend in well with the default backgrounds and the Ubuntu MATE slogan: For a retrospective future. Do you have a musical or composing background?


I would absolutely support a comprehensive sound theme for Ubuntu MATE. I did want to do this in the past, but don’t have the time. This project idea is of particular benefit for blind and visually impaired users.


I never use system sounds for some reason. Ubuntu still uses their original sound theme I believe.

I remember when Ubuntu included sample music and a sample video with Nelson Mandela. I liked the spirit of Ubuntu/Africa “branding” that they later discarded. It was very powerful.

There was this little tune called ubuntu sax.ogg included. Remember?

And Mads, I loved your anotherubuntu blog back in the day!

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Some basic sound effects like what you hear in some game menus would be nice, so long it can be a cohesive set using a specific style but that’s just my personal preference.

Maybe, we can have a “Sounds” section in mate-tweak if UM were to ship with multiple sound themes?

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At the moment, I don’t have time to work on a new project, but as I said, feel free to use anything you like, from my old set here if you like.

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Sound themes are selected in Sound Preferences.:thumbsup:

* Punches self in the face, shuts up *