New tag for discussions related to Welcome app



There is already a specific tag for discussions about the Software Boutique. Could we have another tag related to the Welcome app to better categorize discussions and improvements on the other Welcome app buttons/components such as Introduction, Features, Getting Started, Community, Chat Room, Get Involved, Shop, and Donate? It is great to see that the Software Boutique is constantly being refined, thanks to the great work of @lah7 and the many suggestions from the entire community. But it has somewhat overshadowed the other great parts of the Welcome application.


I’m game :slight_smile:

Lets have some suggestions on a proper tag name that will not cause conflict with the “boutique” tag.


The easiest name would be welcome, but that would be confused with welcoming others or an introduction.

How about welcome-app? I don’t think tags can be too long.



The tag in this thread has been changed. What do you think?


Thanks! @v3xx and @lah7. The new tag welcome-app looks great!