New to Ubuntu MATE, my desktop, and a couple questions

Hi to everyone. I'm a recent Ubuntu MATE convert coming from Linux Mint and Zorin OS (after having left Windows 11). Love the simplicity and layout of GNOME 2. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but GNOME 2 offers the best-looking, more functional desktop environment, I think. I've tried Ubuntu and Fedora, and just couldn't get over the GNOME 3 design. A few things ...

  1. See below picture for my desktop layout. Simple, but functional. Just the way I like it.

  1. I hope this is not true, but is Ubuntu MATE 24.04 LTS the "last" version of Ubuntu MATE?

  2. If Ubuntu MATE will continue, great. What's next for the OS? Anyone care to fill me in?

Mind you, when I say that Ubuntu MATE has the "best-looking" desktop environment, what I mean exactly by that is the layout itself can't be beat. It comes together logically and intuitively. That's a boon for the OS' user experience (UX) and subsequently, the users who use MATE.

Yes, Zorin OS is a good OS, and has more of a visual "polish" to its overall OS (e.g., animations), but at the end of the day, Ubuntu MATE excels in terms of functionality, customization, and it helps it's built on Ubuntu (Snaps notwithstanding) more than Zorin OS is. That helps its case with me.

Thoughts? Thanks, and glad to be part of this community now.

P.S.: Thank goodness for Synaptic Package Manager. It's how I install/remove programs.

P.P.S.: Same goes for Gdebi, too - I don't like Snaps. Synaptic and Gdebi really help.


Why would you think that?

A quick look at a Ubuntu Flavor Sync meeting notes held after release of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS and I see evidence of a continued Ubuntu-MATE presence.

The amount of work a team can do, will depend on how much time & energy is available from the team members, and how many people join in & contribute. As with all community flavors, if you'd like to step in and help projects continue, you'll be most welcome I'm sure.

FYI: I'm not a Ubuntu MATE member saying this either; I'm more an outsider that is involved in the wider Ubuntu community. I also see MATE as far more than GNOME 2; though yes the MATE Desktop did start as once upon a time as a GNOME 2 fork

I see Ubuntu MATE as a Ubuntu system myself... It's built on the same infrastructure, by the same build tools as all Ubuntu products, from the same repositories too (not all include universe or community packages though); just using a different seed file (eg. noble or 24.04's can be seen here) that makes it somewhat unique.

Sure, some Ubuntu 24.04 flavors did offer installs without snap packages (or snapd infrastructure installed too), but snap packages do, in my opinion, solve problems, and whilst I am involved with a flavor that offers a snap free install, I'd still not use that minimal install option. Its not difficult to remove snapd if you want anyway; with many Ubuntu devs having blogged how do it.


Update: Ran into buggy performance on Ubuntu MATE.


  1. Keyboard stopped working in the App Center ... ?!

  2. Irregular graphic glitches in a couple Linux games.

  3. Volume would turn on or off by itself after waking up.

Decided to go back to Linux Mint. Didn't have any of these issues with Mint.

At least on Mint I can emulate the look of GNOME 2 by adding a second panel.


Because I'd read somewhere that the lead for Ubuntu MATE stopped working on it.

I am sure that is true for you, but for me, the GIMP snap took forever to install.

The Flatpak version on Mint was very quick to install and didn't give me problems.

Thanks to everyone, and I hope the Ubuntu MATE team irons out bugs in the future.

When and if they do, I'll give Ubuntu MATE a second, serious look as a daily driver.