New Ubuntu MATE 16.10 user signing in

Hi everyone,

I just replaced my Kubuntu desktop with Ubuntu MATE, and as a long time frequenter of their forums I thought I’d come and say “Hi” over here.

No doubt I’ll have plenty of questions later, as I find my way around the GUI and stuff.

Thanks for making all this possible. The cheque’s in the post. :wink:


Welcome!!! Welcome !!! Welcome!!!

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Welcome to Ubuntu-MATE and our community, @SFromley. :slight_smile:
I hope you enjoy the whole of it as I have been.

I cached it. Will send the receipt asap. Looking at the amount this entitles you exactly to 3 questions! :thumbsup:

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Heh, thanks.

Okay … first question …

How do I configure workspaces, particularly the switching? Two things I loved about the multiple desktops in KDE were switching by using mousewheel while the mouse is hovering over empty desktop, and the 3d cube animation between desktops/workspaces. I also like to only have two workspaces instead of the four I appear to be stuck with.

I’m thinking about trying out a dock and getting rid of the bottom bar. That’s a comment, not a question. please don’t charge me.


I honestly don’t know. I don’t use workspaces. One of the first things I remove when installing Linux is the worspaces panel applet. My religion prohibits it. But this isn’t the right place to ask. You want to go to to our Support & Help Requests forum.

This forum here is just for hanging around and taking mugshots of new users that can be sold to the NSA at a good price.

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No worries, I'll head over there and spam it with n00b nonsense later ...

Meanwhile, put this in your mugshot folder.

No need to run off just yet :slight_smile:

Mouse wheel works out of the box with workspaces. Right click on a workspace to edit number of workspaces and other things. This is with the marco window manager.

To get the cube working you have to switch over to compiz. And workspaces work differently.

I will move your thread to the YY forum.

Oh, you are using the beta version. You are so reported to the authorities.

I’m using Compiz.

I’ve tried editing the number of workspaces on the bottom bar, it still says 1 row, 1 workspace. It’s showing 4. The 3rd and 4th boxes both link back to 1. It’s odd.

Is Marco the software renderer, and Compiz the 3d hardware one?

Install CCSM, then using ccsm go to (I think it was called) General>workspaces and set # of workspaces from there.

Hello @SFromley. Welcome to our community :wave:

Not sure if you know, but if you want a stable OS you should download and install Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1 LTS (supported till April 2019) instead of the one you chose 16.10 which is still in developing and can have many bugs and changes before it become final version.

There are some useful shortcuts in Welcome under Getting started under keyboard shortcuts about Compiz too.

You can try downloading and installing CompizConfig Settings Manager via Synaptic and see if you can make 3d cube work from there.

I wanted to switch away from KDE, and liked the look of MATE. I didn’t really see the point in going with a GTK2 based UI when a GTK3 based offering was taking over in a couple of months. So yeah, I went for the beta.

Thanks again everyone for the warm welcome.


Oooooooh, Docky is nice. :slight_smile:

And I’ve got two workspaces.

A fresh install of beta1 has solved my window focus problem.

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It’s a shame you have to choose between desktop icons for things like Home, and things like individual per-workspace wallpapers though(*).

I might try out (Fresh Outa) Marco and see what that gives me.

(*) With Compiz.

AAAAAAAH! Compton crashes on load and I’m in Marco vsyncless tearing hell!