New User Feedback - First Impressions


Hi All,

Just thought I'd give some First Impressions feedback from a new user of Ubuntu MATE.

Have used Linux in the past probably 10 years ago. Am from an IT background although not currently working in IT for a while now. Am older therefore slower than I used to be :grin:

Main reasons for trying out Linux again, Privacy and stability and simplicity. Have played with a few distro`s over the last couple of weeks.

Installed 18.10 first and was impressed it :

  • handled the 4k screen
  • The predefined desktop layouts enabling me to get what I wanted quickly
  • Getting the Graphics card drivers installed
  • Installing STEAM and Getting DOTA 2 Working
  • Generally getting up and running within hours

Minor Hick ups :

  • Printer printing out rubbish (Will try fix this next week)
  • Update to 19.04 got interrupted I think so partial upgrade done (My fault) but all seems to be working
  • Froze 2 times before and after upgrade. This is not regular no sure if there is log file somewhere to check.


Love it! Suits me for what I want so far. Using this as my main OS now so will be sticking round here.



Cool. Welcome onboard