New webcam, problems with Linux

Hey I just bought a new webcam (Logitech C500) and it does not have recording software built in! I am new to linux and i still do not understand how to install to desktop webcam recording software using Ubuntu MATE. I have a raspberry Pi 2 with a 16 GB micro sd in it. It would be great if someone could help!! Thanks!!!

Have you tried running the webcam with Cheese? Cheese is a webcam program. I think, maybe, you will find it under Sound/Video in your menu. Just run Cheese and it may well automatically pick up your webcam.

One way to easily test if you have Cheese installed is to go to a terminal and type “cheese”. It is is installed, it will load.

Ubuntu MATE doesn’t come with Cheese, but instead has Guvcview.

This can do simple recording, using the ‘cap. video’ button (stands for capture video)

Of course, you could also install Cheese if you wish!

Oh yes, of course…I forgot. I am using Ubuntu Studio with Ubuntu Mate over the top and then installed Cheese.

My Ubuntu MATE 14.04.2 installation has cheese installed by default.

That’s interesting - obviously there are changes in the bundled software between editions - ain’t got no cheese on 15.04!

guvcview replaced cheese from 15.04 onwards.