No desktop icons show. on either v20 or 21.0

i see the icons in thunar file manager...but not on the desktop screen. tried look and feel tweak..and nothing.
icons are all marked for desktop, but none show.
there is no dconf editor either. so that doesn't help.

anyone have a solution?

Because desktop icons are related to/managed by caja, the default file manager (can't explain much, I'm not the most technical person in this lair)
This likely is due to fiddling with thunar.

dconf is not included as a default application but you can add it by using "sudo apt-get install". Here are the deconf files shown in Synaptic:

Again I highly recommend Synaptic for managing software.
sudo apt-get install synaptic

I had trouble with later releases of Ubuntu 18.04.?. They would not show thumbnails for .mp3's until I installed Thunar. Once I opened the .mp3 in Thunar they the thumbnail showed in Caja. I also am not an expert, but don't think having Thunar installed is the problem unless you uninstalled Caja or made Thunar the default file manager somehow.

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