No grub wanted on 2nd install for 10gb partition

I have a partition I want to make with 10 gb for running ardour and a few other packages on low latency.

Is it possible with mate?
I also want NO GRUB because the last time, I installed , I destroyed my daily driver.
So now I'm doing my homework and asking around.

As far as I know , I can run from terminal:
ubiquity -b
to solve my first problem. .is that confirmed.?

Is there a minimum space needed for Mate?

Is there a distro that can help me?

Ps. I used Mate in 2015 with a very low end computer . However , mate always seemed the most stable of the buntus when my hardware got better...great job.!

Hi and welcome back to the Ubuntu MATE Community :ubuntu_mate: !

10 gb should be ok with a minimal install.
My whole install takes ~12GB. I don't have tons of programs installed though.

I'm not linux-savvy enough to tell you how to do without GRUB but if your plan is to install multiple distros on the same computer, you might want to install them all and then run boot-repair from a live session. It's a little utility that does wonders when you're having GRUB-related troubles (GRUB disappeared, OS missing from GRUB etc..).

You can run the command

ubiquity --no-bootloader

To avoid writing a boot loader in setup.