No Home Dir in Aptik

I can't find anything on the web that tells me whats going on here.
I'm hopping someone here can point me in the right direction.

My issue is this... I can't save any backups to my home directory. It just doesn't show up.

Using the Select to find my destination I get this...

My Home partition is not availible
this is a fresh install of Aptik and any Ideas would be greatly appreciated!
v16.04 - MATE v1.14.1

Hi @Blank, Sorry I’m not an Aptik user but I see what I think your problem is.

It’s running as root who has a “home” directory at /root which is being shown. You should be able to navigate to /home/(yourname) to see your home directory.

Hope this gets it.

Thanks but it just not showing up for some reason.

This is what opens up when selecting a "Save Location"



On that first screenshot you have a “home” directory: go there

Have Done that i.e.

I know how to navigate my file directory that is not the issue. the issue is nothing is showing up as stated
Thanks though

See here and make sure you set up a backup location before you start the process!:

No, I meant:

Pardon the poor editing skills.

I've installed Aptik just to make sure it's working. It's working.


Wholly Shot The simplest answers I was sure I tried that.
Thanks for info and now I’m off to catch some zzzz

What did I learn? Never try and think when you have had only 3 hours of sleep.

Thanks again!