No Internet after Ubuntu update

Hi all,

I need your help!

I am using latest Ubuntu 21.04 with MATE 1.24.1 on my HP Probook 640 G1.

Everythingwas working great until one day, after loads of Linux updates, I restarted my computer and I had no internet. Since then I have not been able to connect. The cable is connected and it id recognised but No internet at all. I have tried with Wifi and same issue.

I tried some commands and the computer does not get an IP address.

Can somebody help me??

To help, anyone is probably going to need info about your network: is it all wired? any switches or routers? How does the ISP bring it to you? Any firewalls? DHCP or static? local DNS? And what have you tried? Not sure what you mean by cable is "recognized"

Have you tried a different computer or phone through that network? Like a phone on your local WiFi?

Can you plug your laptop into a different wired network or use someone else's WiFi? Does it work then?

To sort it out, you basically have to start at one end or the other, and confirm that each piece of equipment and cable works without skipping any steps.

The first thing I would try is the old Linux kernel that worked. It should still be there and able to boot. I have had issues with Broadcom drivers on updates in the past. If you know the old kernel worked, and it still does, that will be a clue. I just used the old kernel until the next update when that happened to me.

I see in Software and Updates > Additional Drivers the next message. "Broadcom: BCM43228" This device is not working".

So it is definetively a drivers issue. When the system tries to install the driver, obviously it doesn't work because there is no internet.

Any idea how to install the drivers locally?

Did you try booting into the old kernel? That is the first thing you need to do. As I said, Broadcom is proprietary and I have experience twice the updated kernel did not work. If the old kernel worked before the update, set that as your first boot and use that until the next kernel update.

Otherwise try these:

They can be found in Synaptic. If you do not have Synaptic installed I recommend you install it.
<sudo apt-get install synaptic>

Do you know how to go back to your old kernel that worked? Do you know how to check your wired connection settings?

@jymm is right. It is easiest to try the last kernel that worked first.

You say that the wired connection does not work either, though. The Broadcom driver should only affect WiFi, not wired.

At least by trying the previous kernel you are eliminating that as a possibility. That's exactly why old kernels are retained by default. Some of us keep more than two versions even, in case it takes a while to discover a problem.


Unfortunately booting to old kernel did not work.

Maybe the network card of my laptop died?

You say that BOTH wired and wireless died at the same time, sometime after an upgrade.

If BOTH died at the same time, it is highly likely that the problem is somewhere else in your network. Before going further, please let us know if you have checked the things in my first post.

Will other computers work on your wired net? On your wireless net? Will your wired work elsewhere? Will your wireless?

Network works perfectly well in my other Windows computer (Wired and Wi-fi) and also on the phone.

Is there a tool to diagnose if the network card of the laptop is working?

Your card worked when you downloaded, burnt the installation media and installed the OS, then up until the updates.
Boot from your installation media. If it cannot find any network, I would guess the network card is shot. If the networkcard works from the installaiton media, then the problem is elsewhere.

I do suspect the card, wired should always work.

I have started an Ubuntu 18.04 from USB and following this steps.

I was able to connect to internet, now I am trying to see if I can also do it on my Ubuntu Mate 21.04.

SOLVED. Basically I had two separate issues.

Ethernet card is broken, therefore no wired network connection.

Broadcom drivers issue with Ubuntu, therefore no wi-fi connection.

I used my mobile phone connected with an USB cable to update the Broadcome drivers and now at least I have wi-fi.

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Glad you got it figured out.