No keyboard with intel mac book air 2020

Hey all, I have a mac book air 2020, with secure boot disabled. When I try to boot a Ubuntu-mate image, even as late as a daily 24.04 image, I have no keyboard support. Is there a way to fix this? There is a t2 mac github page, but they do not have any images for Ubuntu-mate. Any suggestions for getting Ubuntu-mate up and running without these t2mac images?

If you can get any Ubuntu ISO/image installed; why not turn that into whatever you want..

The difference (as I see it) between Ubuntu-MATE, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Desktop etc for the same release is just a difference relating to packages installed.

For many years I always installed Ubuntu Desktop as I could download that ISO quota free as regards bandwidth, then just modifed the sources to point to my ISP's Ubuntu mirror (so upgrades & package installs were thus quota-free) and then just amend the packages to get whatever flavor I wanted.

I see Ubuntu-MATE as a Ubuntu system with different packages, thus if you can get any Ubuntu system installed; turn that into what you want (ie. remove what you don't want and apt install ubuntu-mate-desktop)

Sorry I have no experience with modern mac's, thus can't provide specific help with your issue.

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