No Lower Panel to show me what programs are open

Nothing appears in my down bar, even after restart. What have I done? There were some errors and i clicked "ok",Now, nothing appears on my down bar anymore. Please help!

Hi @cozmiucc :slight_smile:

No worries ! If the down panel is gone, you can right click on the upper panel, next click New panel , next on the new panel, just add this applet :


A other maybe even simplest way to recover from that is to use mate-tweak to restore default layout configuration :

This will restore the default layout (desktop like after install) so maybe some of your additional configurations will have to be done again. Do not hesitate to save your default layout in order to rollback to that in case you have to much special customization on your desktop.
Good luck :slight_smile:


What's your theme on the screenshot @olek ?

I use Icy-Dark as controls, air as decorations and maia as icon theme :slight_smile:

I uploaded themes here

Maia icons can be found here

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Thanks a lot Dude :o)

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