No mate-panel shadow in MATE 1.26?

I'm not sure where to ask this as the MATE subreddit is pretty much dead with recent posts being a year old. I have encountered an old issue I'm trying to remedy with MATE 1.26.0 on Debian 12 Bookworm where mate-panel will not draw any shadows whatsoever. I'd like to have shadows without having to use compiz and I havent been able to seem to get compton to show up in mate-tweaks.

This seems to be a really old issue because everything I've been able to find is over 10 years old and many solutions, such as creating the delay in ~/.local/share/applications/marco.desktop, dont seem to work. Does anyone know if there's a way to get panel shadows to appear? Thanks.

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Welcome @Chau_Sainte-Marie to the community!

I can't help you because ...I'm using compiz. But hey, welcome here!

MATE can use picom if you select that in mate-tweak.
Picom is, like compton, a fork of xcompmanager and is by default installed.
With the commandline options -r and -o you can set the shadow radius and opacity respectively.
You can also create a configfile instead (or edit an existing one).
Type picom --help to see all options.

If you want compton instead, you have to install it first.
Luckily it is in the repository so you can either use the command sudo apt install compton or use a GUI installer like Synaptic to install it.

If compton still does not show in mate-tweak, select 'no compositor' and add compton to the startup applications including the commandline options you need.